Folding car holder
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Car interior design!

The holder can be used for drinks, small items and personal belongings, mobile phones, glasses, keys, coins and more. Thanks to the folding system, you can spread it up to four floors!

The original design resembles a thermo mug.

Place the folding holder in the beverage compartment. Once unfolded, you'll be amazed at how much storage space the holder can offer!

  • · The upper floor is suitable as a holder for a phone and sunglasses. Includes anti-slip mat.

  • · Two mezzanines for drinks.

  • · The lower floor contains a plastic divider, where you can "throw" eg coins.

Detailed description:

  • · material: plastic

  • · diameter of the drink holder: 8 cm

  • · dimensions of the folded state: 19 cm x 8 cm

  • · color: black-gray

  • · mug design

  • · suitable for phone, sunglasses, coins, keys, etc.

  • · better organization of small items and drinks in the car

  • · all floors can be used as drink holders

  • · location: in the beverage compartment at the gear lever

Package contents:

  • · 1 * Folding car holder

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