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Full HD car camera


A practical partner not only for long journeys. You can use the camera when traveling to work, on vacation, on trips. Every moment of your travel will be recorded on a microSD card, thanks to which you can easily play the recording on your computer. The recording can be saved to a computer using either a card reader or a USB cable (reader and cable not included).

You can also keep camera recordings as a memory to travel . In the event of a traffic accident, the recording can be used as a means of proving the occurrence and course of the event . The camera is equipped with a G-sensor, which ensures recording even during a traffic accident and automatically locks the recorded file, which is then protected against deletion or overwriting by another recording.

Installation of the camera is simple , place the camera with a suction cup on the windshield in places where it will not obstruct your view, then connect the power cord to the camera, which you plug into a socket (lighter). The camcorder turns on automatically when the engine is turned on and starts recording.

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