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FlexiCover - Super Flexible Silicone Membranes, Pack of 6 sizes(2 Pack)

Application in 3 Simple Steps.
Hold, Stretch, Roll over the edge. Super Simple!



Why You Should Try:

 · Alternative to cling film, aluminum foil and even tupperware lids.

 · They can be used in all types of containers even those with stranger shapes.

 · They stretch, are durable and are reusable, just wash and use again.

 · They are super easy to apply unlike most existing solutions on the market.

 · They keep food fresh for longer, without spilling and without odors.


How to use

Main features:

 · FlexiCover Silicone Membranes come in 5 different sizes (see sizes below) plus 1 XL which is offered as a Bonus as long as we have the XL in stock. That way you always have the right membrane for everyday containers.

 · They are environmentally friendly, eliminating the need to constantly buy cling film or aluminum foil that are harmful to the environment. They also replace the tupperware caps, which is sometimes a problem to find the right cover ... At least that's what happens here at home.

 · They are round in shape but stretch enough to be applied even in containers such as mugs, pots, glasses and cups, with the strangest shapes.

 · They can be used in the microwave and are heat resistant up to 220º degrees, so you can reheat those delicious leftovers.

 · They are designed with food-grade silicone, non-toxic and BPA-free. They can go to the fridge and freezer and can also be machine washed. In addition, they seal the containers in a vacuum so that the food stays fresh longer.

Approximate dimensions:

 · 6.5 cm (easily stretches to 8.5 cm)

 · 9.5 cm (easily stretches to 12.5 cm)

 · 11.5 cm (easily stretches to 15 cm)

 · 14.5 cm (easily stretches up to 19 cm)

 · 16.5 cm (easily stretches to 21.5 cm)

 · 20.5 cm (stretches with ease up to 26.5 cm)

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