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SMARTWATCH evolution

Designed for US Navy special forces

They include the best technology and withstand the most extreme conditions . At the same time, they will provide very useful information about your activities and show notifications directly on the display screen.

Designed for marines

All the features you need.


△ DLC housing (perforated carbon coating). Fully resistant to water, dust and shocks .

 △ Glass Gorilla Glass touch screen 5 Sunlight - good visibility in the dark

 △ Personal application with step counter, calorie burning application, alarm clock, energy saving mode, camera, incoming calls, notifications (SMS, Facebook , Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp , WeChat), enough memory for data storage

 △ Increased battery life 33 months Thanks to the energy saving function.

 △ Compatible with Android and IOS


It is recommended to download the application available on Android or IOS to better control daily activities.

Distance traveled

Thanks to GPS, this smart watch can accurately determine the distance traveled during training or walking in the fresh air.


Thanks to the ability to connect to the phone, all notifications about calls, SMSs, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are always displayed on the screen.

A perfect picture

The watch has a camera function that allows you to take pictures at the touch of a button.

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