Magic curlers - extra long

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Magic curlers - extra long


A very handy tool for every woman who wants to have beautiful and irresistible curls.
You don't have to visit any hairdressers, now you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home.
It is very easy to use and really anyone can handle it. Curlers are applied to wet hair. We recommend using a little foam hardener to hold the hairstyle better. Then just dry your hair with a hair dryer. The material from which they are made is resistant to hardeners and varnishes.

Detailed description:

Illustration video:


1. Control the wetness of the hair in 6-7 layers

2. Comb the texture and partition

3. Choose the right size bar according to the hair volume

4. Follow the bar

5. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair (just start with hot air and then use cold air to cool your hair)

6. Remove the bar

7. Comb your hair and set it up

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